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Maybe this should really say… About Me!
After all, at the moment I am One Look!

I’m Phil

I retired from UPS after thirty-eight years.

I worked in a lot of different capacities during those 38+ years. When I retired I was an Industrial Engineering Manager assigned on a Special Project to deploy a new system to assist the drivers on their daily delivery/pick-up routes which improved their travel path, their productivity and reduced their miles.

During my “off time” I spend time with my grandchildren, volunteer for a non-profit that supports Rett Syndrome (My youngest daughter, Kimberly has Rett Syndrome), and on a rare occasion ride my harley.

I have been involved with internet technologies since back in the day when it wasn’t even called the “Internet”.

I really enjoy working with technology… my wife says I’m just a big nerd.


I have over thirty-eight years of experience in the areas of project management, data management, technology [hardware & software (Leadership and direct hands-on)], resource coordination, staff training, asset utilization, presentation / training material development, job set-up optimization, and administration.
I am a very Tech-savvy Industrial Engineering Manager, versed in all aspects of project management from inception to completion, a Technology Manager with direct “hands on” as well as leadership experience. Excels in process reengineering and improvement. Experienced in web design and front-end development.


Web Site Design, Web Site Development, Project Management, Staff training / development , Data Management, SQL, MS-Office, MS-Publisher, Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Adobe Photoshop, WordPress, PHP, PC/Server hardware, Software installs


• 14-16 Industrial Engineering ORION Project
• 06-14 Industrial Engineering Manager
• 05-06 Special Assignment
• 01-05 Operations Improvement Manager
• 00-01 I.T. Special Project
• 95-00 Information Technology Manager
• 92-95 Special Project Coordinator
• 89-92 District Security Supervisor
• 89-89 TIPS Coordinator
• 86-89 Delivery Information / Loss Prevention
• 84-86 Inside Operations Supervisor
• 84-84 Industrial Engineering – Time Study Observer
• 83-84 Driver Supervisor
• 81-83 Driver
• 77-81 Clerk



• Bachelor of Science, Industrial Engineering Management

September 1977-August 2016 *Retired
Special Project Manager

• Project Coordinator for teams that deployed an enterprise solution to fifty-three UPS centers, resulting with significant operational savings in mileage reduction, increased productivity and a reduced carbon footprint.

Operations Improvement Manager

• Project Coordinator for teams that deployed an enterprise solution to the state of Alabama and Florida panhandle UPS centers that improved the daily dispatching of the drivers. (Preload Assist System)
• Project Coordinator for oversight of multi-state teams to complete deployment of the Preload Assist System in the Southeastern U.S.

Industrial Engineering Manager

• Developed hundreds of MS-Access databases for data mining information for cross-functional needs. These databases have saved thousands of (what was previously, manually intensive) hours of searching through data.

• Trained and mentored numerous people at UPS.

Information Technology Manager

• Set up local intranet http and ftp servers for field support technicians that allowed for better control of work orders and communications.

Staff Supervisor

• Developed an electronic notification and communication system for high value packages for additional security. System was later incorporated nationwide.
• Developed internal reporting systems for the Claims and Loss Prevention department by utilizing desktop applications which improved turn-around time and reduced costs.

Inside Operations Supervisor

• Redesigned clerical positions by incorporating the computer workstation into job set-up which increased productivity, reduced handling and enhanced ergonomics.

Administrative Assistant

• Redesigned office layout for Customer Service Telephone Center that allowed for increased capacity which eliminated a planned expansion which would have been a considerable expense.


TRUSSVILLE, AL Web Site Administrator / Designer
• Administers the web site for the Southeastern Rett Syndrome Alliance – a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency http://www.serett.org
• Also: www.rettangels.org – www.bidforgood.org

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